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I can see the finish line!

Week 10: This weeks mainly focused on me trying to get my new "Old West" art into the game. This was tricky considering I had to make this a "function" of sorts so I could use it for my other art. This worked out well and helped me flow right into the next week. Another huge thing I did was to make the power-ups random and not tiered. They now have a time limit and the game is much more fun!

Week 11: Ok, this week was a lot of work and I made a ton of progress. First, I decided to make the final era for this game be the American Revolution. I chose this era because it is one of my favorites. I know muskets don't shoot as fast as they do in my game, but that is why the game takes place inside a kid's dream during class. Once I got that finished, I moved on to making the art for this era. It turned out much better than I expected. I decided to set this era in a snowy setting, to help contrast the bright desert of the old west and the drury muddiness of the WW2 levels.All of it is coming together nicely.

By far the most exciting thing I did was create the final boss! It looks awesome and is very difficult. A summary of the fight is as follows: You fight the Final Exam of the class with a pencil that shoots filled in bubbles, while the boss is shooting T/F and empty bubbles at you. This is the first time I have been able to see the finish line and I am stoked for working on cutscenes and play testing next week!

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