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Tuning and Play Testing

Week 8

This weeks, I spent most of my time fine tuning the levels I have made for the WW2 levels. The first thing that I had to change was the parallax scrolling. I broke up the background into 3 images (originally 1 image) which allowed me to add correct parallax scrolling.

I then tried to find the perfect balance. This is still a work in progress, but it seems to be getting close. I also did my first official play test this week. I asked some students to play my game.

They had never seen the game before and I just told them how to play. They had some good advice on what to change.

They said the game was fun and cool, but there were some problems. One problem was the sound effects. They said the machine gun sounded like a woodpecker. The main problem they had was the flamethrower was way overpowered. One guy suggested to make it a timed powerup. Another guys said that it would be cool to have switchable weapons with the number pad. This helped me a lot, and definitely sparked some great ideas for the next part of my game.

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